Sunday, September 4, 2011

Case as of 4 sep 2011

Xigmatek Elysium Steel ATX Super Tower Computer Case (219.99 on

          This Super Tower Steel ATX case has nearly everything that you could ever ask for. An efficient cooling system, water cooling capability, USB 3.0, motherboard capability from HPTX to ITX, you can put your power supply on the top or bottom or both can be used, 10 expansion slots (for graphics cards, sound cards, ect), and it has air filters to keep the air flow as clean as possible. This takes the top spot for cases in my opinion. The only down fall is its size, 26.10" x 9.06" x 24.33", this will probably make it an immovable brick once you have all of your awesome hardware inside of it. So my advice for you if you decide to buy this case is that you should plan out a large spot that is un-obstructed (for good air flow) before it arrives at your residence. Hope this helps you in finding that ultimate dream machine. 


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