Friday, November 4, 2011

A leak of information!

Sometime within the up-coming week there will be a posting (or even separate page) of the top 5 pieces of computer hardware for each major hardware category! I will try to keep these as up to date as possible. Pieces will be judged on certain aspects that are special to all pieces of that type of hardware.

A case may be judged on things such as:
1) Form factor (category)
2) Motherboard compatability
3) number of hard drive slots
4) number of expansion bays
5) does it include the latest tehnology
6) Could almost anybody know how to use it (simplicity)
7) cooling capabilities
and more

I would create a spread sheet and rank all of the cases based on each category. Then give 1 point to a 3rd place, 2 points to a 2nd place, and 3 points to a 1st place standing. Then I will tally up the points for each case and then rank them based on which one's have the most points. More points is better.

Getting a spot in the top 5 of a category confers bragging rights to the company that made that piece of hardware and get my seal of approval as a quality piece of hardware.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Best Optical Drive as of September 17, 2011

Samsung SE-406A ($150.00 according to

         Whats not to love about blu-ray players?  Not only can they play HD Blu-ray movies, but they can also play DVD's in HD as well! Now thats pretty cool right? Now add 3D capability, the ability to make blu-ray disks and DVD's, and it can make your own cover art! You are now the coolest person in your city. The only down side is that it is an external Optical Drive. This can mean one of two things. It will be easy to lose, or you can take it to your friends house and (possibly) hook it up to his/her awesome HDTV. So it almost boils down to wheather your an optimist or a pessimist! Either way I believe that you will be quite satisified with this small board of plastic. If it made this blog is a pretty good computer part!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Best Hard Drive as of 4 september 2011

WESTERN DIGITAL VelociRaptor 600GB 10,000RPM 6.0GB/s

         This Hard Drive is made for speed. 6.0GB/s and 10,000 RPM make for a very fast platform for storing, accesing, and using data. It is what is really going to make you personal computer fast. It is useable in most cases, but it is not useable with all motherboards, which is what you need to even use it. This Hard Drive has a 32MB cache which is fairly large for a hard drive so that is another big plus. This Hard Drive is also not very cheap, it is listed for $250 on If your system is compatable with 6.0 GB/s HDD's then you are in the clear to use it, and if not, then you have some upgrading to do before you can use this hard drive.


The Best Graphics Card as of 4 september 2011

GeForce GTX 590

         This is a very heavy, bulky, long, and powerful graphics card. It is a PCI express 2.0 X 16 form with 2 GPU's (graphical processing unit) in one container. Each GPU has 512 cores each boasting a whopping 1536MB (1.5GB) of memory. They each work together so in reality you are really getting 1024 cores and 3072MB (3GB) of memory. Now there is a catch, you must have a power supply unit with at least 700 watts of power and it must have at least two 8-pin PCI-e connectors coming directly from your PSU (Power Supply Unit). On the up-side, you will have no problems displaying any (excluding video editing and developement ((maby))) graphical content. You will be able to play you favorite game on MAX settings and run your desktop at max resolution anytime. If you willing to pay the price, literally. Scratch next years trip to hawaii because this will set you back $750 (price from I hope this helps you out. 


The best RAM as of 4 september 2011


     This is a very fast memory stick. First off, it is DDR3, a very fast grade of memory. Then its speed is 22oo, one of the fastest clocking speeds for DDR3 memory. One of the greatest aspects about this memory is that it comes in 4GB sticks. This means that you can easily run your high end computer on one or two sticks, and considering the price for these, that may be all you will want. The price of this memory for a set of two will set you back $300 ( price).


The best processor (Intel) as of 4 september 2011

Intel Core i7-990X ($999.99 on

        This processor has six cores for extreme computer multitasking and processing power. It clocks at 3.46GHz right out of the box and has the ability to be overclocked (be careful when overclocking). This processor is an LGA 1366 for processor, so it is meant for high end motherboards. Another note that you might add is that it is a 130 watt CPU so it requires a large amount of power (for a processor) to operate, so choose your power supply carefully. It will only work on Intel based mother boards. 


Motherboard (Intel) as of 4 sep 2011


          This Motherboard is a LGA1366 (intel Core i7 cpu only). Which most likely means that it is fast. It has 3 PCI 2.0 X16 slots for tri-SLI (three graphics cards hooked up to work as one and a whole bunch of other nifty stuff). You can have up to 24GB of DDR3 2200 spread out in six 240 pin memory slots. It also has your standard PCI slot as well as 2 PCI x 1 slots for a networking or sound card. It has room for 2 SATA 6.0 GB/s HDD's. It will fit in any case that has a form factor capability for a standard ATX motherboard. This motherboard is top in my opinion because it not only has some of the latest technology, but it has practilly all of the extra features that a builder could want. This board demands excellence, that is what makes it a front runner.